Heisenberg Breaking Bad Halloween Costume & Merchandise

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Enter for the Complete Walter White Heisenberg Costume and Breaking Bad Costumes with this Merchandise for Halloween! Are you a parent thinking hard for the theme of your kid’s birthday party? Are you a fun loving crazy college student who is thinking of a theme for his wild boys’ night? Or you are a girl who is fed up with male dominance in everything and wants to plan a girls’ hang out in a real bold way? Even if you are a senior who wants to relive his passion and adventure filled youth then here is a solution for all of you! Why don’t you go with a Walter White theme party or costume for Halloween?

Heisenberg Halloween Costume

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Heisenberg’s costume is now available online with the complete accessories that he wears in the TV show. His trademark Bollman Collection 1940’s pork pie hat is immensely popular and you could buy an exact replica just for $100. His other signature accessories include his sunglasses, wind breaker jacket, bald cap and a goatee. All his accessories can be easily bought online and they would work wonders in making you the rockstar of any theme party. The accessories when worn together, give a damn hot and appealing bad guy look. As a fan of course you can’t indulge in meth, but his costume and accessories are a healthy and practical way to engage in the devil inside you for a short while.


heisenberg costumeAwesome Dark Sunglasses – A Must Buy – $6.09
Heisenberg GlassesHeisenberg wears dark sunglasses which give him a certain attitude. You could also buy these dark sunglasses online now in a very affordable price. These sunglasses are available in exact replica of the original one that Heisenberg wears in the show. But if you feel that the design and size of frame won’t suit your face, then you can choose from a variety of similar Heisenberg sunglasses in various designs. These sunglasses can be worn by boys as well as girls on any day and instantly your look will be dramatically enhanced.

Heisenberg’s Cool Windbreaker – $17.91 – $53.20
Heisenberg jacketWithout a cool black windbreaker leather jacket, your look can’t be completed. This windbreaker jacket looks uber cool and hot on any body type. On the internet there are so many designs of windbreaker jacket to complete your Heisenberg look. These black fake leather jackets can be bought online in various sizes and price options. These windbreaker jackets can be teamed well with simple jeans and tee shirt. You could buy Heisenberg tee shirts online in just a few dollars. These Heisenberg tee shirts complement the windbreaker jacket beautifully. These tee shirts are available in online stores with so many cool and funky designs on the Heisenberg theme.

Heisenberg’s Shirt (Choose Maroon or Dark Green) – $23.98 – $42.58
Heisenberg maroon shirtWalter White is seen throughout the series wearing a variety of colors.  But more often than not he is wearing red or green.  The button downed collared shirt is an absolute must if you want to pull this costume off!


The Indispensable Heisenberg Pork Pie Hat – $100.00
Bollman Collection 1940's Pork Pie HatProbably the most famous Heisenberg accessory that has been in demand is the Bollman collection 1940’s pork pie hat. The subtle black felt hat with a bow string is such a powerful Heisenberg costume accessory that this hat is self sufficient in giving you a cool bad boy/girl look. But this hat can be accessorized with a fake goatee to completely get into the Heisenberg’s character. The Heisenberg wears his pork pie hat throughout the episodes as he shaves off his head due while dealing with lung cancer. This pork pie hat symbolically seems to be a partner in his crime. You could don this hat with an overcoat on a chilly evening and everyone on the street is going to notice you!

Alternative  Porkpie Hat – $39.95
heisenberg hat

This hat is very similar to the more expensive one.  On a budget? If so, simply get this option


The Heisenberg Goatee – $4.25
heisenberg goateeProduct Description
It’s a Goatee, enough said


The Heisenberg Bald Cap – $32.37
heisenberg bald cap
You will need a bald head, a head of hair with this costume simply WILL NOT work, period.
Daisy Powerline 340 Pistol – $14.47
Toy Gun

“Call me Heisenberg”! Oh yeah, go to the party with this fake gun and be the badass you are already.





Breaking Bad Halloween Costume with Half Mask and Gloves – $38.95

Breaking Bad Halloween CostumeThis is a complete package you can purchase, it comes with the Hazmat Suit, a partial respirator mask and gloves.  If you are looking for the “all-out” look  though, you may want to opt to purchase the items separately as shown below.



The “Cook”  Respirator (Used in the Series) – $185.00

breaking bad gas mask
This is pretty sweet.  You can’t find anything better to complement this outfit.  Yes, it’s pricey but without a doubt, you become the “cook”



The “Cook” Respirator with Safety Goggles – $6.25
Heisenberg mask
This is the cheapy version of the above respirator.  It won’t give you the official look but will work nonetheless.



The “Cook”  Hazmat Suit – $12.20
Heisenberg hazmat suit
You need to get the hazmat suit. Without it, I’m not even sure why you would want to go as the “cook”.



The “Cook” (Meth) – $13.99
Although not needed, if you bring this to the party you will be a hit.  Of course you need to show off your “product”.  Plus share it with friends as its really just candy, shhhh!


The “Cook”  Gloves – $7.69


The “Cook” Erlenmeyer Flasks – $16.99
Again, not needed but will complement the outfit nicely.



The “Cook” Glass Beakers – $21.50
Similar to the above Flasks, this will work well with the look of the costume.



Walter White Halloween Costume

Watch Bryan Cranston Transform Into Walter White

Get the same outfit worn by Walter White in the above Video!

Walter White’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt – Light Green – $21.78 – $24.98
Heisenberg green shirt

This is an alternate look to Walter White than the “Dealer Look” shown above.  If you would like to look like the regular average chemistry teacher he is, then this is the look for you.


Walter White’s  Khaki  Pants- $16.38 – $31.20
Heisenberg pants

Walt always seems to wear light colored pants.  There are many to choose from, I would go with a beige.


Walter White’s Shoes (Choose Sand or Taupe Suede Colors) – $70.00 – $173.00
Heisenberg shoes

These are pretty slick. Its hard to find the exact shoes he wears in the video above, but its pretty damn close.


Walter White’s Rimmed Glasses – $38.00
Heisenberg rim glasses

Complete your Walter White costume with these stylish wire rimmed reading glasses.




walter white new hampshire look

Walter White Granite State Eye Glasses Black – $2.87
Walter White Granite glassesIn the last few episodes, Walt is shown wearing this style of glasses.



Walter White M-65 Jacket (Choose Olive Drab) – $60.40 – $104.49
Walter White Army JacketIf you are serious about the “New Hampshire” look, you need to get the drab green “army” style Jacket.  What else would you wear in the wilderness?


Walter White  T-shirts  (Choose Gray)- $19.99
Walter White Granite ShirtAs shown in the picture above, this complements the green jacket nicely.



Walter White Fake Beard and Mustache – (Choose Brown) – $14.99
Walter White Beard

Need a beard like Walter White in the last few episodes? This brown beard and mustache is the perfect disguise accessory.



Breaking Bad Merchandise

Mezco Toyz Action Figure  – $149.00




Get Into the Feel of Heisenberg’s Character

Heisenberg is the iconic Breaking Bad antagonist. The TV show Breaking Bad has been a huge success critically as well as revenue wise. The popular TV show has Walter White as the lead male protagonist who is an easy going and talented chemistry teacher in the high school. He is deeply attached with his pregnant wife Skyler and his son who’s struggling with cancer. But his life turns a complete 360 degrees when he is diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. That’s when the hard core criminal Heisenberg is born out of simple Dr. Chips who takes to illegal meth drug production to secure his family’s finances. His character goes more stone-hearted and grave in his criminal acts with murders with the help of his crime associate Pinkman. The character of Heisenberg is so fascinating because people relate to him as he was a common man like them earlier. His dark side is loved by people and everyone finds it super cool to imitate his style and accessories.

Buying these accessories online is very easy with the secure payment options available like PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa Card etc.

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